How do I buy something on Folksy?

Folksy is a place to buy hand crafted gifts and handmade or commercial supplies When you buy an item from Folksy, you buy directly from one of over 15,000 UK based designers.

To buy something you don't need to register with us but, if you do, you will be able to view your order history, contact sellers via the Folksy messaging service and be able to leave feedback for your order. 

To buy something, select 'Add to Basket' on the item page and it will be added to your shopping basket which is displayed at the top of each page.

Items will stay in your basket until you remove them, or until you either checkout or end your Folksy session by logging out. Please note that adding an item to your basket does not remove it from sale, so if you leave it in your basket for too long without checking out there’s a chance that someone else could snap it up.

Can I buy more than one thing at once?

Yes. You can add them all to your cart and checkout in one go, but you’ll need to pay for them all separately if they are from different shops.

Can I buy something from more than one seller?

Yes, you can add items to your cart from several different designers, when you get to checkout you will be asked to confirm your total order and then to pay each designer individually using Paypal.

How much does postage cost?

The postage charges are shown at the bottom of an item page. They will be different depending on where the items are being shipped to and how many items are being sent. The postage costs for any order will show up in your cart before you check out so you can see how much they cost in total. Postage costs are set by the individual seller so if there is anything unusual or unexpected here, please contact the seller directly.

How do I pay for an item?

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