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Knowledge Base

  1. About Folksy and Terms of Use 

    1. What is Folksy?
    2. Folksy's Terms of Use
    3. Sales & Returns Policy
    4. Community Policy
    5. Our Privacy Policy
  2. Buying FAQ 

    1. How do I contact the seller about an item?
    2. How do I buy something on Folksy?
    3. How do I pay for an item?
    4. I can't pay using my iPad !
    5. When will I receive my order?
  3. Registration and logging in 

    1. How do I register on Folksy?
    2. Registration problems
    3. Log in problems
    4. Can I have more than one account?
    5. How do I delete my shop / account?
  4. Selling 1: Before you set up your shop 

    1. What can I sell on Folksy?
    2. Legal Information: what sellers need to comply with
    3. Do I need to use Paypal to sell on Folksy?
    4. Setting up a Paypal account
    5. I'm not in the UK, can I sell on Folksy?
  5. Selling 2: Creating and maintaining your shop 

    1. Choosing a shop name and username
    2. Setting up your shop
    3. Editing my shop details, creating collections and rearranging items
    4. Can I put my shop in holiday mode?
    5. Creating a banner and profile picture (avatar)
  6. Selling 3: Listing items and Managing stock 

    1. How do I list an item for sale?
    2. How do I edit my listings?
    3. Can I create a copy of a listing?
    4. Managing your stock level
    5. Shopkeeping: featured items, shop collections and rearranging your items
  7. Selling 4: Managing your orders 

    1. What happens when I sell something?
    2. What if the buyer does not pay?
    3. My order says 'awaiting payment' but I've received payment!
    4. I have sold something to a friend/outside of Folksy - what should I do?
    5. How do I cancel or refund a customer's order?
  8. Selling 5: Fees, bills and seller accounts 

    1. How much does it cost to sell on Folksy?
    2. About the Folksy Plus plan
    3. Paypal and receiving payments
    4. Understanding and paying your Folksy bill
    5. Partnership offers for Folksy Sellers
  9. All articles 

    1. What is Folksy?
    2. How do I contact the seller about an item?
    3. What happens when I sell something?
    4. How do I register on Folksy?
    5. What can I sell on Folksy?
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