How do I contact the seller about an item?

On Folksy, you are buying directly from an individual seller who is usually the designer of the product that they are selling (unless they are a commercial supplies seller).

If you have a question about an item on the site, such as:
  • Can you make this item in a different colour
  • Can you make this item in my size
  • Do you have more of this item available?
  • Can you ship to my country?
  • Do you offer gift wrapping

please contact the designer/seller directly. You can do this by clicking the ‘Contact the Designer’ link on any listing page, or the 'Contact' link on their Shop page. Please note that you will need to be registered with Folksy and logged in to do so.

Alternatively if you have placed an order with the seller, you can email them directly. You should have received a confirmation email containing the seller's email address when you placed your order on Folksy.

Please also contact the seller directly if you would like to:

  • Ask about a particular product or it’s availability
  • Enquire about your order
  • Send a message relating to your order such as a preference for size or colour
  • Ask about a custom item
  • Organise a cancellation, return, refund or replacement
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