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I can't list - listing is slow or timing out

Listing can be slower during busy periods. However, if you are consistently waiting a long time for listings to publish, firstly please check your image sizes.

Images should be 642 pixels wide by a maximum of 1000 pixels high and saved as a JPEG. At 300dpi, image files of this size should be under 500KB. Images much larger than 1MB will slow down the listing process and we would advise that you reduce them.

Photos and photo uploading



Unfortunately we do have a known issue with Internet Explorer 10 (IE10). It appears that users on Windows 7 who have automatic updates enabled are being upgraded to IE10 from IE9 automatically, so you might not even be aware that this has happened.

Basically our image uploader doesn't work with it, and so you will not be able to do anything on Folksy which involves adding or changing images to your listings. 

We are working on a fix for this which should be in place soon, but in the meantime we can only advise that you downgrade to IE9, or use another browser such as Firefox or Chrome temporarily.

Video tutorial on how to downgrade to IE9 (this looks fairly straightforward and you can upgrade it again at a later date):

You can also try using the compatibility view, or viewing in IE9 browser mode. There are some instructions here:

Both Firefox and Chrome are good browsers and are free to download:

We're very sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

- If you are having problems listing with another browser, please contact Support but we'd usually advise that you check your image sizes aren't too big first (Sometimes clearing your browser's cache and cookies will also help):


Please check the Folksy Status blog for other known issues and scheduled maintenance.

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