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  1. About the Folksy Plus plan

  2. BUG: Number appearing when I try to type a city name into the listing page

  3. Can I create a copy of a listing?

  4. Can I have more than one account?

  5. Can I list an item in more than one category?

  6. Can I list items from my iPhone or iPad?

  7. Can I put my shop in holiday mode?

  8. Categories and where to list your work

  9. Choosing a shop name and username

  10. Community Policy

  11. Copyright and Trademarks

  12. Creating a banner and profile picture (avatar)

  13. Custom and personalised orders

  14. Discount Codes

  15. Do I need to use Paypal to sell on Folksy?

  16. Editing my shop details, creating collections and rearranging items

  17. Enabling PayPal Postage

  18. Fees Policy

  19. Folksy is broken!

  20. Folksy's Terms of Use

  21. How can I be featured on Folksy?

  22. How can I contact Folksy?

  23. How can I promote my shop to get more sales?

  24. How do I buy something on Folksy?

  25. How do I cancel my order, return an item or ask for a refund?

  26. How do I cancel or refund a customer's order?

  27. How do I contact the seller about an item or order?

  28. How do I delete my shop / account?

  29. How do I edit my listings?

  30. How do I find my Folksy shop or dashboard?

  31. How do I find out my shop address?

  32. How do I leave feedback?

  33. How do I list an item for sale?

  34. How do I pay for an item?

  35. How do I register on Folksy?

  36. How do I remove or hide items from my shop?

  37. How do I renew an expired listing?

  38. How much does it cost to sell on Folksy?

  39. I can't list - listing is slow or timing out

  40. I can't pay using my iPad !

  41. I didn't receive the verification email

  42. I don't live in the UK, can I shop on Folksy?

  43. I have sold something to a friend/outside of Folksy - what should I do?

  44. I'm having problems using Folksy with Internet Explorer

  45. I'm not in the UK, can I sell on Folksy?

  46. I'm not receiving emails from Folksy

  47. I’ve got an email from Folksy saying a buyer is having problems paying. What should I do now?

  48. Legal Information: what sellers need to comply with

  49. Liability Insurance

  50. Log in problems

  51. Managing your stock level

  52. My items have disappeared

  53. My order says 'awaiting payment' but I've received payment!

  54. Our Privacy Policy

  55. Partnership offers for Folksy Sellers

  56. Paypal and receiving payments

  57. Photos, sizing and uploading

  58. Policy on listing items for sale

  59. Pricing and postage

  60. Product Safety

  61. Registration problems

  62. Sales & Returns Policy

  63. Seller alert: Invalid order email received 12th July 2017

  64. Setting up a Paypal account

  65. Setting up your shop

  66. Shop description, tagline and biography

  67. Shopkeeping: featured items, shop collections and rearranging your items

  68. Supported Craft Practices

  69. Suspicious emails from potential buyer

  70. Tax Guide for Folksy sellers

  71. The Hallmark Act 1973

  72. Titles and description

  73. Unable to upload banner or avatar Internet Explorer

  74. Understanding and paying your Folksy bill

  75. Using Google Analytics

  76. Using the Folksy logo

  77. VAT MOSS

  78. What can I sell on Folksy?

  79. What happens when I sell something?

  80. What happens when I send a message using Folksy?

  81. What if the buyer does not pay?

  82. What is Folksy?

  83. When will I receive my order?

  84. Where are my Folksy inbox and messages?

  85. Why can't I purchase an item?

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