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Community Policy

This policy forms part of the Terms of Use for Folksy and covers specific etiquette and behaviour on site and through the community spaces.

We want to encourage a positive and supportive community on Folksy. The forums and the blog are provided primarily for sellers to share information and advice to help them improve their work and sales. 

In order to promote a healthy and supportive space for people to discuss relevant issues the following behaviour is not permitted:

  1. No personal attacks
  2. No "calling out" (identifying someone you are claiming to have breached the terms of use)
  3. No personally identifying information that cannot be found publicly elsewhere
  4. No racist, sexist or hateful content
  5. No spam or promotion of other competitor services
  6. No vulgarity
  7. No "trolling" (inflammatory or off-topic messages - for a definition of troll see this wikipedia entry)
  8. No defamation of others
  9. No bringing Folksy into disrepute
If anyone is found to be behaving in ways described above their account may be suspended or deleted and their content removed.

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