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Setting up your shop

Ready to start selling?

Before you set up your shop

Setting up your Shop

1. Click on the 'start selling' link in the top left hand corner of Folksy

2. Choose which account type you would like

  • Basic account 
    No annual or monthly subscription
    Listing fees  of 15p + VAT for each item listed
    Sales fee of 6% + VAT for each item sold

  • Monthly Plus account 
    £7.50 per month
    No listing fees
    Sales fee of 6% + VAT for each item sold
    Additional features
  • Annual Plus account 
    £75 a year
    No listing fees
    Sales fee of 6% + VAT for each item sold
    Additional features

3. Register (or log in if you want to use an existing username)

Choose your username wisely as it will form your shop address!
Choosing a Folksy username

4. Input your shop details

You will need the following information:

  • Shop name
  • Shop tagline (A short and sweet summary of your shop)
  • Describe your shop

4. PLUS ACCOUNTS: Continue to Payment
  • You will be taken to GoCardless to set up a subscription by Direct Debit for £7.50 per month or £75 a year. More info
  • Once this has been set up, you will be sent a confirmation email to your registered email address* and you will be redirected to your Folksy Shop. Click on the link in your welcome email to activate your shop.

    N.B. Payment cannot be taken by any other method. If you cancel payment at this stage your account is set up as a Basic account. Click on 'your shop' at the top of the page and click on 'just ask' to send a shop confirmation email.
    BASIC ACCOUNTS: Click on 'create my shop'
  • A confirmation email is sent to the email address you used to register*.
  • Click on the link in the email and your shop is ready to go!

*If you got this wrong, don't panic! Please contact Support and we can fix it for you. Please include the incorrect email address, your correct email address and your username in your query.

Finishing your shop set-up

Once you have verified your email address, you can add the finishing touches to your shop.

Use the "Shop Settings" heading on the left hand side of your Dashboard. 

  • Rearrange items and manage which items are in Collections
  • Feature items (Plus sellers only)

  • Create, edit, or manage Collections

Shop Settings

Shop Appearance
  • Upload or change your profile picture. This will ideally be 170 x 170 pixels square. The image will be automatically cropped into a circle.
  • Upload/change your banner, or choose a banner from one of our stock images. If you are creating banner image, it should be at least 978 pixels wide and 200 pixels high.
  • Write a shop tagline
  • Write a shop description ('buying from me')
You don't have to do this straight away, you can come back to it at any time!


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