How can I appear in the 'Theme of the Day' on the Folksy homepage?

The Theme of the Day is a new view that appears every day on the Folksy homepage. It shows a random selection of 8 items that are tagged with that day's theme. There is also a 'See More' button that takes you to the page for that theme.

We publish the list of themes in advance on the Folksy Forum and in the Folksy Clubhouse Facebook Group. To see the list for the current month and suggest tags for future months, go to the Theme of the Day category on the Folksy Forum here - or if you are a member of the Folksy Clubhouse, check the Announcements section. 

How to get your products included in the Theme of the Day
If you'd like your products included in the 'Theme of the Day' on our homepage, simply add the tag given on the list of themes (see the previous paragraph for where to find it) to your relevant listings on Folksy. 

You can do this on new Folksy listings when creating them or add them to any existing listings by clicking the 'edit listing' button on a product page or via your seller dashboard, and adding it in the tag section for a particular product. 

Tags are not case sensitive but you will need to check whether the tag is singular or plural and make sure you use the exact tag given in our list. You can use commas to separate your tags. 


Please make sure that you only tag relevant items. If we see users frequently tagging irrelevant items, we may sadly have to block those users from appear in the Theme of the Day. 

Learn more about tags and how to use them

You can read more about tags in these two blog posts:
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- Clickable tags: what they are & how to use them

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