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What happens when I send a message using Folksy?

When you send a message using the Folksy messaging form this is what happens:
  1. The message is sent directly to the recipient’s email address.
  2. Your email address is shared with the recipient.
  3. Any reply from the recipient will be sent directly to your email address from their email address.
If someone sends you a message, their email address will be shared with you but your email address will not be shared UNLESS you reply to their message.

Only people registered on Folksy will be able to send a message using the Folksy messaging form. This helps to reduce spam, but does not guarantee people will not contact you with unwanted communication (as they do anyway!).

In order to keep track of your emails relating to enquiries via Folksy you might want to create a folder in the email client you use (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail etc.), or use a separate email address for Folksy.  

Remember that you can change the email address associated with your Folksy account at any time from your Dashboard > Change password and email

Folksy *does not* keep any records of your communications. However, if you do receive any spam or abusive email please do let Folksy know - providing evidence - via support. We would also recommend that you report any spam or abuse to your email service provider.

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