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My order says 'awaiting payment' but I've received payment!

If you can't mark an order as posted, it usually means that the order has an 'awaiting payment' status.

This can happen for a number of reasons, e.g.
  • the buyer has not paid
  • the buyer has paid you by cheque, cash or direct invoice 
  • Paypal has not sent back confirmation to Folksy that you have been paid (please log into Paypal to make sure that you have received payment!)
If you have received payment from your buyer but the order is showing as ‘awaiting payment’, you can mark the order as paid.

To do this, please click on ‘View order detail’ alongside the order and click the ‘Mark order paid’ button.

Marking the order as paid will make the commission fee for the order billable and allow you to update the shipping status.

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