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Discount Codes

How can I use discount codes?

Lots of people share their codes on Social Media if they want anyone to be able to use it, or include it in their order packaging (if a thank you to existing customers) or in mail-outs to customers.

For more ideas, see this discussion on our forums:

Do I need a Plus account to create discount codes?

No! Any Folksy seller can create discount codes for their shop.

How do I create discount codes?

1. Log into Folksy
2. Click on the ‘Discount Codes’ link under the ‘Shop Settings’ heading on the left hand side of your Dashboard. 
3. Click on ‘Create new’
4. Enter a code of your choosing (numbers and letters only, e.g. HAPPY20)
5. Enter a percentage discount that you want to give to your buyers (1-99)
6. Enter an expiry date if you wish
7. Uncheck the ‘active’ box if you don’t want the code to be active straight away
8. Click on ‘Create’

Can I edit or delete discount codes once I’ve created them?

Yes, you can edit the code, the percentage discount, expiry date, activate/deactivate or delete codes at any time from Dashboard > Shop Settings > Discount Codes. Deleting a code is permanent but you can create a code with the same details once you have deleted it.

How many discount codes can I create?

You can create as many codes as you like, so you can give out different codes to different groups of people.

When does the discount code become active?

Discount codes are active immediately if you do not uncheck the ‘active’ box when you create the code, but you can deactivate them and they are not publicly visible so it’s up to you when you share them and with whom.

Who can use my discount codes?

Discount codes are not publicly visible but if someone knows the code and it is active, they can use it! It’s up to you who you share your discount codes with. However, remember that it is possible that your customers may share your discount codes with their friends!

Can I restrict discount codes to be used on certain items/collections?

No, discount codes can be applied against all items in your shop.

Can I restrict discount codes for use on transactions over a certain value or a certain number of items?

No, discount codes can be applied on any value of order from your shop.

How does the customer apply discount codes at checkout and how does that work?

There is an option for buyers to type in a discount code during checkout. The percentage discount is applied to the item price (excluding the postage charges). Once the order is confirmed, the customer is then directed to PayPal where they will be asked to pay the discounted price.

How many times can a discount code be used?

As long as the code is active, customers can use the discount code on as many orders from your shop as they wish. 

Can customers use multiple discount codes on the same order?

No, buyers can only use one code per order but it applies to the whole order. That means that if the buyer purchases more than one item from your shop, all items will be discounted by the same amount, and you can't specify which items can be discounted.

Do discount codes expire?

You can set an expiry date for each individual discount code. The code expires at the end of the day before the expiry date (e.g. if you set an expiry date of 31st December 2015, the code will be deactivated at 23:59pm on 30th December 2015). If you do not set an expiry date, the discount code can be used until you manually deactivate or delete it.

How do I deactivate or delete a discount code?

You can edit the code, the percentage discount, expiry date, activate/deactivate or delete codes at any time from Dashboard > Shop Settings > Discount Codes

More questions? Please contact us and we’ll add them to this document.

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