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Why can't I purchase an item?

Order problems

If you are having trouble ordering please check that:

  • The item is for sale
    If there is a banner at the top of the page which says that the item is unavailable, this may be an item that has expired or sold out, or the seller's shop may not be active. Please check the seller’s shop to see if a replacement is available.
  • The quantity you are trying to order is available
    You cannot order more items than are available on the listing (for example trying to order 3 when only 2 are left). To order successfully you can either reduce the quantity or contact the seller to ask if they could list a higher quantity.
  • The seller ships to your country
    Shipping information shows at the bottom of each listing. If you are requesting shipping to the UK, all items should be available. If you are requesting shipping outside the UK, check the listing to see if the seller ships to the country you have specified. If the country is not listed please contact the seller to see if they could arrange shipping for you. Please note that Folksy supports buyers from these countries.
  • There aren't any disallowed symbols in your message to seller
    If there are, you should see an error message at the top of the page.

  • Has the order already been confirmed?
    If all of your items suddenly become unavailable part-way through an order, please check your email account to make sure that the order has not already been confirmed. If it has, you will have received an automated email from The Folksy Team [] thanking you for your order. 

Payment problems

Sometimes setting up a Paypal account can take time, or the payment may not go through successfully. We also occasionally hear of problems with Paypal if you are requesting a shipping address outside your country of residence. This is a fraud-prevention measure used by Paypal over which we have no control. The seller can usually send you a Paypal invoice directly to get around this issue.

If you do have difficulties please contact the seller straight away to let them know. If you could give them the details they may be able to help you solve the problem or arrange payment another way.

How to contact the seller

If you are still unable to complete your purchase, please send us a link to the item you are trying to buy and and we’ll do our best to help.

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