How do I leave feedback?

Feedback is available for any order where the buyer was registered and logged in before making their purchase.

Registered buyers (and sellers) can leave feedback for all qualifying orders by logging into Folksy and going to Dashboard > Feedback 

If, for any reason, you have been unhappy with your purchase please contact the seller rather than leaving negative feedback. They should be able to sort out a refund or a replacement for you. If you have any trouble organising a refund or replacement with your seller, please open a support ticket to let the Folksy team know, and we'll do our best to help.

Why can't I leave feedback for my order?

Feedback is not available for buyer or seller if you have purchased via 'guest checkout' (i.e. if you have bought an item without registering or logging into a Folksy account). If you registered at the end of your order, this will still be classed as a guest order. We would however encourage you to email your seller to let them know that you were happy with your order!

Changing feedback

Occasionally people leave the wrong feedback by mistake, or change their mind after they have left it. We will only change the feedback that someone has left with their agreement.

In the event of a mistake or resolved dispute please use the 'contact us' link to open a Support ticket and we’ll be happy to help.

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