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Choosing a shop name and username


Your username (the name you use to log in) is very important, so please choose it carefully.

Your username forms part of your shop URL (web address). So for example, if your username was FantasticThings, your shop address would be So it’s worth choosing a username that is similar to the shop name that you intend to use.

If you register with Facebook you will be assigned a username automatically. If you wish to change your assigned username, please email us ASAP at with your preferred username.

If you decide to change your username/URL at any time, we would need to do that for you. Please note that if we change your username/URL you would need to update any links etc. that you have posted anywhere ASAP as anyone visiting the old address will see a broken page. Also if you have your URL on any printed materials, business cards for example, you will need to get those replaced. If you're happy to go ahead with changing your username/URL, please email us at

Shop names

Your shop name can be anything you want provided that:

  • It is not already in use by another seller on Folksy
  • It does not infringe any trademarks or registered businesses
  • It does not contain a URL (web address), this means that suffixes such as and .com are not allowed in shop names

It’s a good idea to pick something which is short, memorable and that describes you well.

You can change your shop name at any time in Dashboard > Shop Appearance - this will not change your username or shop URL.

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