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I'm not in the UK, can I sell on Folksy?

If you are not living in the UK, you can not list your items for sale on Folksy, sorry. 

Folksy only supports sellers who are living and working in the UK. We had strong feedback that this is what our buyers and sellers wanted. We’re pleased to support UK based crafters and showcase the best of British handmade goods.

  • The Republic of Ireland and British overseas territories are not included as part of the United Kingdom.
  • Foreign nationals are welcome to sell on Folksy as long as they are currently resident in the UK.
  • British citizens who are living temporarily or permanently overseas can not sell on Folksy.

If you are not based in the United Kingdom and you list items for sale on Folksy, you are in breach of our terms of use - your listings and account may be suspended and we cannot refund any fees or payments to Folksy in these circumstances.

Exceptions and conditions:
We do allow sellers from the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, as long as shipping prices and shipping estimates to the UK (and return prices) are the same as if you were within the UK. This would usually mean shipping via Royal Mail. The seller must compensate the buyer if the cost of return postage is greater than returning the same item within the UK.

My items aren't made in the UK, can I sell them on Folksy?
Please read our guidance here:

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