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Creating a banner and profile picture (avatar)

Use the Shop Appearance link underneath the "Shop Settings" heading on the left hand side of your Dashboard to upload a banner (or choose one of our stock images) and profile picture

You can change your banner as often as you like, by clicking on the 'Change Your Banner' button. Upload your own image, or choose one of our stock images.

You can optionally display you shop name on your banner. Simply un-tick the checkbox to remove it. You can update this at any time.

If you want to create your own banner in a graphics package, the image needs to be 978 pixels wide, and up to 200 pixels tall (minimum of 85 pixels tall). The file should be saved as a JPG or PNG file. MS Publisher files are not a supported format. We recommend creating a nice, clean, simple graphic banner as this is the key visual element to your shop.

If you upload an image that is larger than 978px x 200px it will be automatically reduced to fit 978 pixels wide and cropped centrally to fit 200 pixels in height. This means that you can use any image you like, e.g. a product photograph

Have a look at other shops to see what works.

Profile Picture (avatar)

The ‘avatar’ is the round picture that appears in various places across Folksy. You can see it overlapping your banner on your shop page, beside your shop name on item pages and in search results if people do a shop search*. It’s just a little thing but having a good one helps to give your shop a more professional appearance.

You can change your profile picture as often as you like, using the 'Change your Profile Picture' button. It should be a small square image measuring 170×170 pixels and should be saved as a JPEG or PNG file. Folksy will automatically crop it into a circle, so if your avatar contains text, please take this into account.

I need help creating a banner and avatar

If you would like some help creating a banner and avatar some Folksy sellers will offer this service for a small fee.  Search for terms like “shop banner”, or browse 'Design Services' on Folksy to see what’s available.

Animated banners, Avatars or Listings Images

Animated banners, Avatars or Images in listings are not allowed on Folksy.

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