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Shop description, tagline and biography

People love to know about how a product was created but they also want to know about who created it. It really does help to write a biography and a shop description. If you need inspiration have a look at other shops and sellers to see what they have written. Don’t try and make it clever or ‘marketing speak’, just be natural. Don’t write in ALL CAPITALS (it’s like shouting) and do spellcheck it.

Use the links underneath the "Shop Settings" heading on the left hand side of your Dashboard to manage your shop

1. Shop Appearance: Tagline

Your tagline is a short (usually one sentence) summary of your shop, e.g. "beautiful handmade jewellery' and this appears directly under your shop banner.

2. Shop Appearance: Buying from Me

The 'Buying from Me' section includes the Returns Policy (amend this policy in your Shop Settings) and is useful for adding a bit more detail, such as:

  • who you are
  • what you make
  • how you make it
  • availability for custom orders

3. Biography/Your profile ("Meet the Maker")

Tell your story! You can edit your biography in Dashboard > Your profile > Profile Settings.

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