Photos, sizing and uploading

Image Sizes

Images on the item page can be in landscape or portrait format. Images should be 642 pixels wide by a maximum of 1000 pixels high. Images should be saved as a jpeg or png file.

You can add up to 5 images for each listing. Please keep file sizes under 1MB wherever possible or you may find that they are slow to upload.   


  • Item page image 642 pixels wide x (up to 1000 pixels tall)
The images you upload are automatically re-sized and occasionally cropped to work in the different areas of the site:
  • Category pages; search 190px x 190px
  • Favourite finds 176px x 176px
  • Recently listed 84px x 84px
  • Item page thumbnails 60px x 60px
  • Featured Items in shops 282px x 282px  
  • Collections in shops  126px x 80px

To be sure your item is clearly visible in all significant images please make sure that your item does not bleed to the edge of the photo, but is given some space. We also recommend that you upload square images where possible (very wide or tall images will suffer more from cropping).

For example
This bow tie was uploaded by the user and was re-sized to the maxiumum width of 642. So the image size is 642 x 482. Because it is wider than it is tall, when we used the item in Favourite Finds the image was resized to 176 x 176, square. So it was cropped. 

Main image:

Favourite finds, cropped image (note where the tie is slightly cropped on the right edge due to the image becoming square):

Photography tips

Good images are crucial in selling things. It can be hard to take good photos when you’re starting out, but it really is worth taking time to do this right. You don’t need expensive equipment – some simple tips can help you to improve your photos:

  • Focus – Make sure your images are in focus and are very clear. Blurry photos are a real turn-off.
  • Natural light  use daylight (if you can!) and don’t rely on the flash
  • Background – Choose a plain white background where possible, but different settings can work well for different items – have a look through Folksy (especially at the featured sellers) to see some good examples
  • Composition and framing – Is the angle of the shot the absolute best it could be to show it off?  Using an angled shot (rather than flat and ‘square on’) is considered by most to be more pleasing to the eye. Laying pieces out flat and ‘square on’ can look dull.
  • Detail – If your piece has a particularly attractive detail why not focus in on this for your leading shot, especially important with jewellery and can also be a helpful tactic for larger items such as paintings. if your camera has a ‘macro’ setting use it for detailed photos.
  • Variety – Your leading image should cover the whole product with supplementary photos providing closer detail and where possible, shots of it being modelled or ‘in situ’.

Show off your Handmade Beauties with these simple tips for great product shots or How to take great photos on a grey day from professional photographer and friend of Folksy, Yeshen Venema

For more info see this ‘how to’ on making a DIY home studio.

Please visit out blog for loads more photography tips >

Image upload problems?

If you see a red error message, please go to the Folksy homepage and make sure all the images are loading there. If not, there is a likely an issue with our image servers! Have a look at our forums and Status Blog for updates:

If the images look ok on the rest of the site, it could be an issue with your images or browser. Sometimes we get reports that when people try to upload images the site ‘hangs’ or the images won’t upload. Whilst we are not aware of there being a bug (we cannot replicate the problem), we have found the following helps to eradicate the problem:

  1. Make sure that your images are not too large, or too small. Images files under 1MB will upload more quickly and put less strain on slower connections. Images that are a lot smaller than 642 pixels wide will also not upload! Images that are too big are the most common reason for image problems.
  2. Keep your browser up-to-date. Whether you use Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome or any other browser, keeping the latest version helps.
  3. (For issues when editing) Log out and then log in again and / or delete the Folksy ‘cookie’ (further information about cookies) from your browser.
  4. If a ‘fakepath’ messages appears go into Internet Options > Security > Correct Zone > Custom Level > down in the Miscellaneous section “include local directory…”

If the problem persists we’d be grateful if you let us know which kind of device you're on (computer, smartphone, tablet), which operating system you use (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, etc.) and which browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc) including version numbers where possible, and any error messages which occur.

Not sure which operating system and browser you are using? Check here: 

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