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Pricing and postage


Pricing can be very tricky! You need to make sure you know who your market is and what price people are willing to pay for the item. If you’re not sure ask a few people (friends, colleagues etc.) for an impartial opinion and then try selling at the average of those prices.

Your time is likely to be the principal cost in making the items and you need to make sure this is reflected in the price. If the price is too high when you calculate the ‘true’ cost including your time, or you’re not paying yourself enough, then you need to figure out if there are more efficient ways to produce the item (batch production?) or if you should make something else.

A bit of market research on Folksy and other craft / design sites often helps here. Prices that are too low or too high can put some buyers off. It’s a good idea to get some advice and do some research to find the right price for your items. You can edit them at any time so they are easy to change.


It’s important to correctly calculate your postage costs and add them to the listing in the Item shipping section.

From the list, choose the postage zones you will ship to and add the amount you will charge for posting and packaging that item. You must add details for UK shipping otherwise buyers can’t order from you. The Royal Mail price finder is a useful tool for calculating your costs. If you do not wish to ship to certain zones, just leave those boxes blank.

Combined shipping: 'Additional Postage'
(OPTIONAL: Discount for purchases of multiple items from your shop)

On the listing page there are two fields for postage:
1. Per order (required)
2. Additional items

This is to allow you to specify a reduced rate of postage for buyers who order two or more items from your shop. If a customer buys two or more items from your shop at the same time, the item with the highest initial rate (the "per order" rate) of postage is charged first, and ALL other items in the order are charged at their "additional items" rate.

If you do not wish to offer combined postage, leave the 'additional postage' boxes blank. In this instance, the customer will be charged the "per order" postal rate for each item.

If you wish to offer free postage for additional items, please input 0 into the 'additional postage' box.

Postage Zones
Folksy splits the world into 4 zones:

  1. UK (required)
  2. The European Union (Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, France, Spain, Finland, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Latvia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia)
  3. USA 
  4. Rest of World

Including a postage cost to the UK is required. Each zone is then additional.

  • If you add P&P for the EU, your listing will display a postage cost for the UK and a postage cost for the EU, but nowhere else.
  • If you add P&P for the EU and then the Rest of World, your listing will display a postage cost for the UK, a postage cost for the EU and then a postage cost for everywhere else (including the USA but excluding the UK and the EU which already have their own costs)
  • If you add P&P for Rest of World but don't add P&P for the EU or USA & Canada, your listing will display a P&P price for the UK and then a postage cost for everywhere else in the world including the EU and the USA & Canada.

Useful links:
Preparing international mail (Royal Mail)
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