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How do I remove or hide items from my shop?

There are various ways to remove items from sale on Folksy. 
Firstly please log into Folksy and select 'Your Shop' > 'Dashboard' or 'Your account' from the menu at the top of the page to access your Dashboard

1. Reducing Stock level

To remove an item from sale you can reduce the stock level by going into Your Dashboard > Manage my listings and reducing the quantity of the item in the listing. Reducing stock to zero will remove the listing from your shop and you can increase quantities again if needed from the 'out of stock' tab of your dashboard. Please note that you will be charged if you increase the quantity of the item again at a later date.

2. Hiding items from sale

Alternatively, if you are able to make another identical item and you intend to return the listing to sale within it's expiry date, you can hide the listing from sale. Again, go to Your Dashboard > Manage my listings - select the item(s) you wish to hide and then click on 'hide' at the top of the table. 

3. Deleting items

THIS IS PERMANENT. Please use with caution. We cannot get items back for you after they have been deleted

To permanently delete an item from sale, go to Your Dashboard > Manage my listings, select the checkbox alongside each item you want to delete and then click 'delete' at the top of the list. IMPORTANT: DO NOT CLICK SELECT ALL before clicking delete unless you want to delete ALL of your items.

4. Holiday Mode

If you want to prevent people from buying any items from your shop (for example if you’re going to a craft fair or going on holiday) putting your shop into holiday mode will leave everything on display in your shop but will prevent people buying from you.

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