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Editing my shop details, creating collections and rearranging items

All admin links for your shop are in Your Dashboard. To get to Your Dashboard, please log into Folksy and then select 'Your Shop' > 'Dashboard' from the menu at the top of the page. You will then see a list of links on the left hand side.

Use the links underneath the "Shop Settings" heading on the left hand side of your Dashboard to manage your shop

1. Shopkeeping:
  • Rearrange items - drag and drop a listing to reorder
  • Feature items* items - choose a minimum of three items to feature (otherwise it won't display any!). If you choose more than three, it will display three in a random order. *Only available to Folksy Plus sellers
  • Add to Collections - Add or remove an item by clicking on a collection title. You can edit collections on the Collections page.
2. Collections
You can use Collections to arrange your work into themes. Once you have created a Collection, you can add or remove items to it in your Shopkeeping page. Items can appear in more than one Collection.

3. Shop Settings
From here you can update Paypal address, phone number, Google Analytics identifier, Returns Policy and  shop address.

4. Shop Appearance
From here you can update shop name, your name, tagline, 'Buying from Me' section,  profile picture, banner and social media links.

5. Holiday Mode
Tick the box and click on update to put your shop in holiday mode. Un-tick the box and click on update to come out of holiday mode.

6. Shop Announcement Feature
This feature is great for letting customers know about any promotions or discounts you are running, last orders or shipping dates for Christmas, or when your shop will reopen (if you're taking a short break or at a craft fair for the weekend etc). More information on the Shop Announcement Feature.

If you would like to update your profile information (including your 'biography'), please click 'Profile settings' under 'Your Profile'

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