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Product Safety

All Folksy sellers must comply with UK legislation, including the following:

  • The Consumer Protection Act
  • The General Product Safety Regulations
  • The Toy Safety Regulations
  • The Cosmetic Products Safety Regulations
  • The Furniture and Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations
  • The Nickel in Jewellery Regulations
  • The Food Imitation Safety Regulations
  • The Food Hygiene Regulations
  • The Hallmarking Act 1973

The responsibility for complying with relevant legislation lies with the seller, so it is vital that all sellers understand the laws that apply to their products as well as other legislation around trading online particularly the Consumer Contract Regulations.

Useful links

The following websites have information and guidance on safe trading:

Further help

The best source of advice is your local Trading Standards Service which can be contacted through the Trading Standards website.

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