About the Folksy Plus plan

The Folksy Plus plan helps those designer-makers and supplies sellers who list and sell a lot on Folksy to pay in advance for their listings. 

For £5 a month (including VAT) you get:

  • Unlimited free listings
  • Free daily relistings
  • 10 images for each product listing (rather than the standard 5)
  • Free Etsy import service
  • The ability to add Featured Items
  • A Folksy Plus badge on your shop page 

It's free to list and re-list. However you are restricted to re-listing items once per day.
As with our Basic account, listings last for 120 days (around 4 months),  so please remember that you will still need to renew your items when (or before) they expire!

You will still be charged commission on your sales. The commission fee remains the same as the standard Pay As You Go plan at 6% + VAT

These rates are effective from the point of upgrade. Any listings created before the upgrade are charged at the Basic rate which was agreed when you created the listings.

How to upgrade
You can upgrade to the Plus account at any time from the 'PLUS account' link on the left hand side of your Dashboard. 

We're using GoCardless to collect payments and payment is by subscription to a recurring monthly Direct Debit. You will need to enter your bank sort code, bank account number and name.

Make sure that your bank account is set up to allow Direct Debits. If your payment fails or if refused by your bank, your Folksy account may be put on hold automatically. If this occurs, please email us at support@folksy.co.uk or open a ticket for assistance.

IMPORTANT: We are unable to refund payments for the Plus account after you have started using the service (i.e. listed an item) or after 7 calendar days, whichever is soonest. Please make absolutely sure that the items you intend to list are allowed to be sold on Folksy before you upgrade:

What can I sell on Folksy?

Renewal of the £5 per month plan

If you are on the monthly Folksy Plus account and pay by subscription to a recurring Direct Debit, your account is automatically renewed monthly unless you cancel before the next payment is due. 

Renewal of the annual/£45 per year plan

The annual plan is being retired (Nov 2018) and no new annual recurring Direct Debits can be created. Read more about the changes to the Folksy Plus plan here

  • If you signed up to the annual Folksy Plus Account or last renewed it before we introduced recurring direct debit payments (around Feb 2018) your account WILL NOT automatically renew and if you wish to continue as a Folksy Plus seller, you will need to join on the £5 monthly membership when your account expires
  • If you are on the annual Folksy Plus Account plan and currently pay by a subscription to a recurring direct debit, your account WILL renew after 12 months and you will be able to remain on the annual Folksy Plus plan (at least for the moment).
If you're not sure which type of account you have, or if you have any questions, please email us at support@folksy.co.uk or open a ticket for assistance.

Cancellation of the Plus account

You can cancel your subscription at any time by cancelling the Direct Debit with your bank or by contacting us at support@folksy.co.uk. Please make sure you do this at least a few days before your next payment is due! Once your subscription is cancelled your Plus account will then expire when the next payment is due.  Any payments that have already been taken (or any that are processing) can not be refunded.

If you simply delete your Folksy account, please contact us at support@folksy.co.uk and/or your bank to ensure that your Direct Debit has been cancelled or you may continue to be charged.

You can check the status and expiry date of your Plus account at any time from Dashboard > Shop Settings > PLUS account:

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