Gift Vouchers

If you want to offer your customers gift vouchers, gift cards or gifts tokens for your Folksy shop, the easiest way to do it is to create a new listing.

Set up a new listing in the usual way - find out how to create a new listing here
Clearly state any terms and conditions in the item description, for example:
  • the expiry date, if there is one (eg 12 months from date of sale)
  • if the gift voucher can be extended
  • if there are products that are excluded 
  • what happens if a customer loses their gift voucher
  • how a customer will receive their voucher
  • how a customer can redeem their voucher
  • if you offer refunds on the voucher
  • whether the voucher can be exchanged for cash
If you want to offer the option of either an email voucher with no delivery charge or a physical card which will be posted, you can either create two listings or use the Variations feature, adding an option for printing/posting the gift card. Learn how to do that here

You can also use the Variations feature to add different gift token values, eg £10, £20, £50, £100. 

See examples of Gift Vouchers on Folksy here -

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