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Shopkeeping: featured items, shop collections and rearranging your items

You will see 'Shop Settings' heading on the left hand side of your Dashboard with the following links:
  • Shopkeeping
  • Collections
  • Shop Settings
  • Shop Appearance
  • Holiday Mode

1. Shopkeeping:

  • Rearrange items - drag and drop a listing to reorder
  • Feature items* items - choose a minimum of three items to feature (otherwise it won't display any!). If you choose more than three, it will display three in a random order. *Only available to Folksy Plus sellers
  • Add to Collections - Add or remove an item by clicking on a collection title. You can edit collections on the Collections page.

2. Collections

You can use Collections to arrange your work into themes. Once you have created a Collection, you can add or remove items to it in your Shopkeeping page. Items can appear in more than one Collection.

The image used for each collection on your Shop Page is the listing that is highest up in the Shopkeeping section for each collection. So, to change it, simply drag the listing that you want to use as the collection image above the listing that is currently being used. Please note that this will change the order of the listings on your Shop Page as well!

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