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How can I be featured on Folksy?

We're always on the lookout for great products and sellers to feature! If you have brilliant products which are photographed really well and you haven't been featured yet, please remember we're a very small team, there are many thousands of items for sale on Folksy and we're only human! To feature you, firstly we need to be able to see and find you. 

There are a few things you can do to be part of our community and to help us find you:

  • Describe and tag your products really well (read more about that below)
  • Put your products forward for Gift Guides
  • Share what you're making, what you're listing and what things you love from other Folksy sellers on social media and use our hashtags
  • Follow and interact with us on social media! Find and chat with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest
  • Link to your Folksy shop in your social media profiles. We can't feature you if you only link to another selling site.
  • Join the Folksy Clubhouse on Facebook or talk in the Folksy forums
  • Take part in our social media campaigns and challenges! Read our blog to find the latest campaigns.

How do I become a featured seller?

You may notice a yellow star against some shop names. This means that the seller has been chosen by Folksy staff to be a 'Featured Seller' on Folksy. Featured sellers are chosen at the discretion of the Folksy staff. Our choice is based on:

  • Items for sale – we look for talented makers and designers who will look good in the ‘shop window’ that is the Folksy home page.
  • Quality and consistency of images – item photography must be of a very high standard and we're looking for shops that look cohesive.
    Tips for taking great product photographs
  • The shop should have four or more items for sale as the homepage shows four items, but around 12 or more is preferable.
We also like to see the following:
  • Good shop presentation/branding – upload a profile picture and banner, and fill in the 'biography' section of your profile.
  • A cohesive product range.
  • Great product descriptions to help us (and your buyers) find you.
  • Personality! As well as using your Folksy profile and item descriptions, try using social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs). Be yourself and link to your profiles from your Folksy shop - we like to tell the story of you and your products on the Folksy blog :)

Previous featured sellers are kept in an archive:

How do I get my items on the home page, in a gift guide or in a buyer email?

The criteria for any items that are featured are similar as that for featured sellers so our choices are based on the quality of items and very good photos. The featured items are an advert for Folksy so we try to represent different crafts and styles as much as possible. We look for interesting and unusual products so try to show us what makes your products special in your first image!

Product Shot Secrets

1. Front Page

Favourite Finds
The Favourite Finds on the homepage are Folksy Staff's most recently loved items. This selection is constantly changing. 

2. Theme of the Day
The Theme of the Day view is a chance to show a selection of items by Folksy sellers on a particular theme. The Theme of the Day view works by showing 8 randomly selected items that are tagged with the word or words chosen for that day. You can see the list of themes for each day on the Folksy Forum here - or in the Folksy Clubhouse Facebook Group in the Announcements section. You can also suggest themes you would like to see for the following months. 

Read more about the Theme of the Day and how to get your items included here -

3. Gift Guides & buyer emails

Items for the editorially selected Gift Guides on the homepage, and items in the buyer emails are selected by Folksy staff at their own discretion.

Gift Guides and buyer emails are often based on annual or seasonal events or trends, so please make sure that you describe your items to include any relevant words. Try to think about the words that we (and your buyers!) would be searching for when trying to find your item as a gift, keep them relevant to the item you are selling and try to work those keywords into a sentence (because it's better for Search Engine Optimisation and it looks more appealing to buyers if you do).

We search for all kinds of words that are related to or might fit into a theme but here are some examples of keywords to include to get you started:

January Sale, sale
Valentine's Day, valentine, valentines
Mother's Day, mother
Fathers Day, Father's Day, father, fathers, men, man, dad, dads, etc.
Gift for him, gift for boyfriend, husband, men, etc.
Gift for her, gift for girlfriend, wife, women, etc.
Garden, gardeners, shed, trowel, trug, flowers, vegetables, allotment,
Eco, recycled, upcycled, 
Spring, summer, summery, autumn, autumnal, winter, wintery

You can also tag your items with relevant keywords:

How to suggest items for Gift Guides

We often ask for suggestions for Gift Guides. Look out for staff Gift Guide threads in the Gift Guides area of the forum - they'll usually be pinned to the top:

Folksy Friday - curate your own Gift Guide

Folksy Friday is a chance to spread the love and share your favourite pieces by other sellers on Folksy. This blog post explains more:


If you have followed all the above advice and you still haven't had any items featured or shared on social media after a couple of months, please go to the forums and ask for a shop critique or contact us at 

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