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Etsy Import Service

To make it even easier to sell your items on Folksy, we have created a new feature that enables you to import your product listings from Etsy into Folksy. 

If you don't have a Folksy shop yet, you first need to register and then set up your shop on Folksy. Find out how to do that here - You will need to have a Folksy Plus account to use this service - read more about the Folksy Plus account here - Our Etsy Import service is available for free for all Folksy Plus sellers. 

To copy your listings across to your Folksy shop (new or existing), you then need to export your Etsy listings as a CSV file and email it to us at email along with your Folksy username. 

To download your listings from Etsy as a csv file:
  1. Sign in to
  2. Click Shop Manager.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Options.
  5. Click Download Data.
  6. Click Download CSV to save the file to your computer.
  7. Send the file over to us at
Once we have your data file, we will get to work copying it all over as draft listings in your Folksy shop. This usually takes a couple of days, but can take longer in busy periods.

When your items have been imported into Folksy, you will need to:
1) Move your items into the correct categories
2) Add your postage fees
3) Make any changes to the item title, description and tags (optional)
4) Publish your listings

You can do this in the following sections of your seller dashboard under 'Items':

Recategorise Listings (where you can recategorise listings in bulk) Bulk edit listings (where you can set postage fees) Listings (this is where you can publish your listings)

1. Categorising imported items

Your listings will be imported as draft items under a temporary IMPORT category. To move these into the right categories, go to the Recategorise Listings section of your dashboard and click the Draft tab to edit your draft items. Choose the items you would like move by selecting the checkboxes on the left (or select them all by clicking the very top checkbox). Then select the category and subcategory you would like them to go in. You will see a tick on the right of each item when they have been updated. Please note, if you have a lot of items, it can take a minute or so for all the items to be updated to the right category.

2. Setting postage options

To set the postage costs on your imported items, go to the Bulk edit listings section of your dashboard and click the Draft tab. Choose the items you want to update by selecting the checkboxes to their left (or select all with the top checkbox). Click “Set postage costs”. Now enter the correct postage costs in the pop-up form. When you're happy with your changes, click save.

Please note that if you want to offer free shipping on additional items, you need to enter '0' into the Additional Items box. Read more about postage here >

3. Listing your items

Go to the Listings section of your dashboard and click the draft items tab. (A maximum of 40 items will appear on this page, so if you have 100 items, you will need to repeat this process to list them all.) Select the items you would like to publish by checking the boxes to their left (or select all on the page by clicking the top check box). Then click the List button at the top of the section. You will now see a confirmation screen showing you listing fee you will be charged for these items. (If you have a Folksy Plus account, you can list and relist as many items as you like for free. Read more about the account here > the green 'Relist' button to finish the process and publish your items.

Now all your items should be categorised, set up for postage and ready for sale in your Folksy shop!

One final note: if you ever try to list your imported items and see this error "One or more items could not be published due to their subcategories not being active. Please assign them to active subcategories" it means you haven't categorised all of your items. Go to the “Recategorise listings” section and follow the instructions above to fix it.

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